Saturday, May 16, 2009

USC Graduation

After skipping out on my undergrad commencement ceremonies back in '02 it was kind of nice to go through the formalities this time around. Also nice to go through it with some great friends.

The picture above was taken on our way back out to the car. Eli and Sonny are showing what we were all feeling at this point.

7 year anniversary date at Congaree Swamp Nat'l Park

fun at preschool

Green Lips

Eli's Fun Run - H.B. Rhame Elementary

Easter Egg hunt at St. Andrew's Baptist Preschool

USC Horseshoe

The Horseshoe at The University of South Carolina is beautiful. I was lucky that it was situated right between my internship, the computer lab (my GA), and the building where my classes were. I walked across the horseshoe almost everyday I was at campus. In the early spring and late fall we would often have picnics down here with the boys and play "red rover red rover" and "ice cream and lemon-ade" with them.

Benjamin and Boys

Sonny at the Zoo

Lady and Son

The many faces of Elijah Josef Harmon

Eli is our resident comedian. He's got the faces, dances, accents, and the stage presence now he's just got work on his smashing watermelon routine.

Disney World Trip (Feb. 09)

We had a lot of fun on with our friends the Allisons at Disney World in February.