Thursday, May 29, 2008

simon says

morning humming bird and blocks and puzzle

Sonny reading in bed

An explanation of all the pictures of blocks

Eli has rediscovered his blocks lately with great enthusiasm and many unique and different structures. The first thing he wants to do every day after preschool is to play with blocks. He's built some pretty cool structures and so I decided that I needed to start taking pictures and videos of his buildings.

Maybe I'm just a biased father who sees genius in everything he does but it seems like these buildings have a unique sense of design to them.

Anyway, there's A LOT of pictures of blocks on this blog now and this is a kind of explanation.


Building with two trees and slides on a fence

Tower and lines

"A dark place for bad guys"

A Modern looking building (various angles)

Pointy Structures

Sunday, May 4, 2008

different stuff

First T-Ball Practice


they always seem to be in the best of spirits right before bed time. we call it the "magic hour" - but it's more like 15 minutes.


A little late, but this was Easter weekend for us. Sonny figured out a great technique for coloring Easter eggs: hold the egg firmly, and just dip your whole fist and egg into the dyeing liquid for a second or two. Keep a hold of the egg; remove; repeat. Sonny's really turned out to be some of our prettiest eggs. The next pictures are our boys sleeping on some beanbags I made out of an unwanted Wal-Mart futon and some beautiful fabric from Ghana (thanks to Jordan's mom who is a missionary there).

Today before church. Our boys just looked so cute, we had to take some pictures.