Sunday, May 4, 2008


A little late, but this was Easter weekend for us. Sonny figured out a great technique for coloring Easter eggs: hold the egg firmly, and just dip your whole fist and egg into the dyeing liquid for a second or two. Keep a hold of the egg; remove; repeat. Sonny's really turned out to be some of our prettiest eggs. The next pictures are our boys sleeping on some beanbags I made out of an unwanted Wal-Mart futon and some beautiful fabric from Ghana (thanks to Jordan's mom who is a missionary there).

Today before church. Our boys just looked so cute, we had to take some pictures.

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Peter and Leah said...

Joanna, those beanbags are awesome! I love what you did with the fabrics. You're so good at stuff like that. Your boys are so cute and they are getting so big!! I'm so glad Jordan's done with school for awhile. What a nice break this will be!