Friday, January 30, 2009

Sonny & Eli Sing

Sonny has been singing lately. This is the LDS primary song, "I Am a Child of God." One Sunday the boys made crowns and decorated them. They wore them the rest of the day, and for part of it wrapped their Grandma Laura blankies around themselves for kingly robes.



Nadine said...

Love it! Beautiful rendition! Sure put a quick smile on my face.

Alessia said...

They're soooo cute!!! hanno preso un sacco dalla mamma :)

Ben said...

Bells loved watching this video; see you in May.

Melissa said...

Wow, you have performing artists in the making. That is super cute.

Claudia said...

Can't believe the boys are getting so big and so cute. Hope you're doing really well. I'm sure you're having interesting experiences living in a very different environment, learning new cultural behaviors, probably a new "language" too. Will you all have southern accents by the time school is completed?
Love ya!